Union & Essex Counties
(Exit 45 to NJ Turnpike)
Travel Times
Eastbound Local Lanes Exit 45 to Exit 48 (3 mi.):03
Eastbound Express Lanes Exit 45 to NJTPK (13 mi.):12
Eastbound Local Lanes Exit 48 to GSP (4 mi.):04
Eastbound Local Lanes GSP to Exit 55 (2 mi.):02
Eastbound Local Lanes Exit 55 to NJ Turnpike (4 mi.):04
Westbound Express Lanes NJTPK to NJ 24 (10 mi.):10
Westbound Local Lanes NJ Turnpike to Exit 57 (2 mi.):02
Westbound Local Lanes Exit 57 to Exit 55 (3 mi.):03
Westbound Local Lanes Exit 55 to GSP (2 mi.):02
Westbound Local Lanes GSP to NJ 24 (4 mi.):04
Current Incidents
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